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Select your preferred finance method

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  • Purchase Order Finance

  • Invoice Discounting Finance

  • Personal and SME Overdraft Facility

  • SME Secured Term Loans

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  • Property Re-finance

  • Property Bridging Finance

  • Property Development Loans

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  • Micro-lending (Short-Medium Term Unsecured Finance)

  • Staff Loans - Companies Facility

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  • Vehicle Re-finance

  • Pawn (Short-Medium Term Secured Finance)

Responsible Lending Group is an Investment and Finance Group based in Botswana.


The Group's core activity is short to medium term finance through various financing types such as Property Mortgage Re-finance, Property Bridging Finance, Property Development Loans, Vehicle Re-finance, Pawn (Short – Medium Term Secured Financing), Purchase Order Finance, Invoice Discounting Finance, Personal and SME Overdraft Facility, SME Secured Term Loans, Micro-lending (Short – Medium Term Unsecured Finance).

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A quality team of professionals providing innovative products and services, dedicated to becoming first preference of our customers.

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A firm commitment to serving the evolving needs of customers in the ever-changing and developing financial services marketplace.

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We provide services in an honest, ethical, open, courteous, caring and concerned manner, inspiring trust. We are a legal, transparent and ethical establishment.


Customer Centric

We put our customers first and foremost, understanding and anticipating their needs, surpassing their expectations and respond with innovative solutions.

Passion for Excellence

An unwavering search for excellence striving for distinction.


We start by positively transforming ourselves and continually seek improvement through creating changes for an expertise that will positively benefit our customers. 

Employee Focus
The success of our employees is primarily our success.
They are our most valuable resource along with our valued customers.

Team Spirit

We work together as a team for the benefit of our customers and the Responsible Lending Group. Our hearts and minds are focused in attaining these goals.

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  1. Botswana Citizens.

  2. Foreigners legally residing in Botswana.

  3. Legally registered citizen Companies, Joint Ventures, Partnerships. Locally registered foreign owned companies. 

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  1. Act in a professional manner, with utmost honesty and integrity when dealing with customers.

  2. Disclose all costs and fees upfront, without small print nor misrepresentation of the product being offered.

  3. Do not charge non-refundable fees which would be perceived as being excessive.

  4. Do not issue terms nor charge a fee when the company has no intention of lending. Likewise, when in doubt err on the side of caution rather than be sorry later.

  5. Relate to customer complaints in a professional and speedy manner.

  6. Abide by the rules imposed by the relevant regulatory authorities. Furthermore, we strictly engage in legal and ethical transactions only. Without exception.

  7. We are committed to have the best interests of the customer in mind and shall attempt to meet their expectations where conditions allow.

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From Pula Spar:
Drive straight towards Molepolole Road / Mogoditshane along Willie Seboni Road for about 1km, pass through the first stop sign, then carry on straight towards the traffic lights. At the Traffic lights junction, continue straight for about 200m, 'Responsible Lending Group' will be on your left-hand side just before ‘Stay Well Hotel’ on the opposite side.

From Molepolole Road:
From the Main Junction (A12 and Willie Seboni Road);
Drive straight towards ‘Pula Spar’ along Willie Seboni Road, Drive for about half a kilometre, ’Responsible Lending Group' will be further on your right-hand side, just after you pass Stay Well Hotel o
n opposite side.

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